Why stormebud?

Quality craftsmanship and Materials


Drawing on the classic style of handsome leather bound tomes, stormebud is decidedly elegant cannabis storage. We’ve made the book of Basswood, a light coloured hardwood with a fine enough grain and tone that imitates old book pages. The texture and hand of the cover belies the fact that it is not leather, but the highest quality imitation. It’s quite buttery to the touch, with a feel similar to lambskin. We’ve chosen timeless colours for the covers: oxblood, navy and deep charcoal. These design neutrals will work in traditional or contemporary interiors.


Most of us have graduated from baggies of weed on the coffee table and searching for old tins tucked in the couch. If you haven’t, this is the time to envision it. We want our cannabis at hand, sorted by strain, and hidden in plain site. Our “Chasing Calm” title looks like any handsome volume in your bookcase, and with the aroma of your bud sealed within the strain jars, no one will smell it. (While there is a fad for humidor style storage for cannabis, it doesn’t stop your dope’s aroma from wafting into your office.)

Cannabis Storage

There is a plethora of cannabis strains available. Most of us have several strains on hand, and a variety of ways to smoke. Our 145 ml jars hold between 7-14 grams depending on the density of your bud. They seal in freshness and aroma, and are easy to open. The “sidecar” in our 3 and 4 strain stormebud’s stores your tools, and can be (DIY) customized to securely hold the precious ones.


Love your stormebud?

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