Protect and Respect Your Bud

properly store cannabis

Control light, air, heat, and humidity to protect its efficacy.


Do you know how to properly store cannabis? A two-part system is your best bet for protecting your herb. The first part protects your bud from drying out and from mold spores in the air; and the second protects it from light and your cousin Gerry.


Part 1 – Airtight

The first part of a great storage solution is food grade glass jars and lids. Glass is inert and impermeable, and seals in aroma and protects your buds’ terpenes. Jars seal out air while allowing enough circulation to prevent mold growth.

Make sure the jars both lock down tight and are easy to open. (Use jars that need only a quarter turn if you have any loss of strength or flexibility in your hands.) To reduce exposure to the air and the likelihood of it drying out your bud, you’ll want the jars to be a good fit for the amount of cannabis you keep on hand.

Cannabis that loses too much moisture loses its flavour (which means the terpenes have been damaged and therefore its potency). It’s better to use two or three smaller jars than a single large one to protect the efficacy of your bud. Without a bit of moisture cannabis becomes stale, and stale cannabis burns unevenly and is a harsh smoke.

Most medicinal users have a couple of strains on hand, so make sure you have enough jars, and that they are clearly marked. You don’t want to be lit and creative at 2 AM on Monday morning because you reached for a Sativa strain on Sunday night.


Part 2 – Cool and Dark

 Always store your jars in a cool, dark place.Light degrades THC, drastically reducing the potency of your bud. Secure storage boxes are a good way to go. You can have your weed at hand and discreetly protect it from other people.


Do’s and Don’ts

  • Never use plastic
  • Keep cannabis out of the fridge and freezer
  • Protect from heat – don’t store over / near electronics that produce heat
  • Don’t store in rooms where temperature and humidity varies all the time
  • Make sure humidity is low
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