About Jay

Jay Hawley CEO & Founder_stormebud


Jay Hawley, Founder & CEO of stormebud is a third generation custom cabinetmaker


Jay worked with his family for 25 years in their furniture design shop, in a small southeastern Ontario town renowned for cabinetmaking. He’s crafted fine wooden furniture for many years, and he’s very good at what he does.

When Jay got his medical cannabis card a lot of things changed for him. He became more focused, compassionate, relaxed, and well, happier. It took a while for Jay to tell others that he used cannabis. His use and “coming out” made Jay feel more comfortable in his own skin, and be more engaged with the world than ever before. He became particularly interested in the stories of people who used cannabis for wellness. He talked to war veterans, first responders, Licensed Producers, growers, distributors, friends and neighbours. Jay heard stories of pain and wellness, struggle and relief.

These folks were pretty discreet about their cannabis use, and some of them wanted to be able to store pot inconspicuously at work and home. By and large they were a mature crowd, and if they had used weed in the past, that had long outgrown the ziploc storage. Jay began tinkering with prototypes for a cannabis storage box that was discreet and handsome enough for any bookshelf.

Present and…

So, what’s a lad to do when he’s happy and feeling strong, and wants to start a new venture? He builds a classic, elegant product and starts a company. Welcome to stormebud.

photo: Garret Cluett, Outcast Entertainment