Holiday Gift Wish List

We got a few friends together and asked them what cannabis gifts are on their Holiday Gift Wish List this year.

We talked about a bunch of products, and considered butter makers, pre-filled cannabis products and magazine subscriptions (shout out to Dope and High Times), but these are the presents we are all giving or really want someone to gift us with. These products will enhance your imbibing rituals and give you the most from our medicine; and honour the herb.

It’s no surprise that many of these gifts are made by Canadian companies, as the quality of North American design and craftsmanship is high. So, in no particular order, our choices for 2016…


Mary’s Wellness Teas – Box of 12 sachets $29.95 CADimg_6530-600x600

Nothing is better than a nice hot cuppa…until now. A lot of folks at the table have had the pleasure of sipping Mary’s Infused Teas. We are big proponents of “clean” medicine and Mary’s sources organic teas and cannabis. The company sells nine varieties of tea, each with 60 mg THC and 5 mg CBD. A couple of faves are the Chamomile and the Orange Pekoe Tea.

Also selling infused hot chocolate, apple cider and coffee. Only in Canada.

Tip: Keep on hand when you’re traveling, for markedly better than Timmy’s and Starbucks’ beverages.
Bonus: The tea itself is really, really good. It will satisfy the discriminating tea connoisseur. Gorgeous packaging makes it a great gift.

logo_straight_trans_1471964227__87122-1HempMed CBD Oil Tincture – 30 ml bottle $99.00 (SALE) CAD

This Cannabidiol tincture has 550 mg of pure hemp oil extract, as well as Limonene, Linool, Pinene and Theanine terpenes in a base of organic vegetable glycerin. 550 MG/30 ML = 19 MG CBD Per 1 ML.  This oil has an amazing naturally sweet flavour  and can be vaped or used sublingually. Noted for its Entourage Effect. Jay used this CBD oil after his three-day drive from Ontario to the Lift Expo in Vancouver last September. After sitting for three days, sleeping rough, and then standing on concrete his back was fried. A few CBD drops sublingually and he was right as rain. Couldn’t have been happier with the benefit. HempMed makes a line of concentrates, oils and edibles in varying strengths.

Tip: Keep on hand for those times when the THC level is higher than expected in your medicine and you need to quickly balance it.  
Bonus: Use CHY918 promo code for %20 off.


Chasing Calm – 4 Strain Cannabis Stash book $199.99 CAD

Most of the folks at the table already have one of our Chasing Calm stash books, so it’s made it on to their shopping lists not their wish lists. The arthritic in the group (who has been using her Chasing Calm for months) is really enthusiastic about the 1/4 turn-sealing food grade jars with the “Derby Grrl Pink” labels, and how fresh her cannabis is kept. (And that her kids have no idea where she keeps her medicine.)

A couple of folks at the table are brand new medical cannabis patients, and hadn’t yet figured out how to store the various strains they are trying. There was a resounding “no” to the idea of keeping cannabis in plastic containers;  and a big desire to keep their cannabis and all of their gear out of sight, too. Before the party, they were still trying to figure out how to open the packages their weed came in from the LP*. (Seriously, Tilray you need to rethink your packaging, as no one with arthritis will ever be able to medicate). They were chuffed with our 4 strain Chasing Calm stash book. We got called “handsome” a few times, which set a good tone for the evening. But what sold them were how easy to use, well designed and smell proof the book is. Handcrafted in Canada from sustianable hardwood. Rugged as hell.

Tip: The cover is the best rolling tray ever.
Bonus: Use our “Family” code and receive $25.00 off a 4-strain Chasing Calm (black or oxblood) until the end of 2016.
*In Canada medical cannabis is purchased through Licensed Producers or LP, which ship medicine through Canada Post.

Genius Pipe $89.95 USD

“Genius”, as in, “that’s genius, man!” We want to see this pipe nestled in our stash book. Beautifully designed and impeccably engineered the Genius Pipe also made it on to everyone’s list. Made entirely in the USA from scratch-free, virtually indestructible anodized aluminum the Genius uses 2000 tiny dimples in the aluminum to cool and filter the smoke and capture tar, oil, and resin before it reaches your lips. To extinguish the flame and keep your pipe aroma free, just slide the aluminum cover over the bowl. Easy to clean: just slip the two magnetic sides apart and wipe. Comes in two styles styles (cover/no cover) and a slamming array of colours and surface designs. Check out the Lesley Ryland/Jessica Specht design collab and Lesley’s cool Genius vid.

Tip: Fits perfectly in the sidecar of Chasing Calm.
Bonus: Company stands behind its cooling design with its “No Cough ” return policy.

MJ Creams HEAT – 50ml $23.95 CAD

This is Grandpa’s favourite balm for sore knees. We kid you not. Infused with Cinnamon, Ginwebicons_cream-heat_1_1024x1024ger and Marijuanheat-50mla for invigorating effects. Use to increase circulation, warm tired muscles and tone the skin. Also used for reducing pain and treating arthritis and swelling. Acts as a general muscle tonic.

MJ Creams makes a luxe line of creams and salves infused with cannabis and essential oils. They’ve created six distinct products with wonderful blends of plant terpenes. Made with pure, water-extracted cannabis resin. Nice clean ingredient lists. MJ Creams took top honours at the 2016 Toronto Karma Cup in the Topicals category.

Tip: Apply to the soles of your feet in the morning for an energy boost during the day.
Bonus: MJ Creams will send you bonus samples of its other creams and salves when you order.

Huff Sox – 1 pr $12.00 to $34.00 USD

There is an awesome selection of cannabis themed sox on the hufworld site and all over the internet. Huf is a skateboard brand that loves countercultures that parallel the freshness and freedom of the skateboard mentality, and it shows in their cannabis branded clothing. The classic cannabis leaf on plain background crew sock is available in tons of colours; and check out the Digital and Scenic Plantlife series, as well as the Legalize It line.

Tip: Buy 2 pairs – you are going to want to keep one. 
Bonus: Awesome design – 2 slamming cannabis leaves on the soles of your sox.

Arizer Air Vape  $229.00 CAD

arizer-air-accessories“Small size, Big Performance” is what we keep hearing about the Arizer Air. A pocket-friendly portable vape with both the power and compact size to be your go to vape at home and on-the-go. Comes with glass aroma tubes (pre-load and store in the carrying case before you head out for the day). Can be used while charging and has an auto shut-off. Most importantly, the high quality ceramic heating chamber and glass draw path deliver impeccable flavour. With 5 heat settings it will deliver a light, smooth vapour or thick efficacious vapour. Another great Canadian product.

Tip: Fits perfectly in the sidecar of Chasing Calm.
Bonus: Keep it classic with black, silver or titanium finishes, or light it up with brightly coloured silicone skins.

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